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Before we meet each other, let me introduce myself........


My name is Dimitrios Stamatelatos and i am a fully Licensed Taxi Driver. I was born and live in Athens, so I know the City really well and I am happy to make suggestions based upon what you tell me you want to see & do, as my main focus is, to make sure you have a great time.

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I got my first money when i was 13 years old, working on weekends as a musician. I play several instruments and when i have free time, i still play for my family and friends. When i finished my studies at the Pedagogical & Technological School of Athens, i worked as an electronic engineer running my own business, for almost 20 years.
After the year 2000, electronic devices became very cheap and there was no need for servicing & repairing them anymore. So i decided to do something else. Since i always loved traveling and meeting new people and cultures, a friend gave me the idea to work in the Taxi Business. That's what changed my life!

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I am in this job since 2004 and I love it. I've traveled throughout Greece hundreds of times, taking people to historical places, and showing them the history and beauties of my wonderful country. I help my clients with their transportation needs and solve some problems that sometimes occur, like accommodation, collecting their tickets for ferries and more. Sometimes I even go to embassies when my clients loose important documents and passports to help them save time and money.
My car is a Mercedes Benz 220 E-Class, smoke free, fully air-conditioned, and equipped with the latest technology.

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If you come to Greece whether for one or for many days, it is very nice to know that someone waits for you at the Airport or in front of your Cruise Ship, or at the Bus Station, to give you a welcoming smile and make your stay better. My promise to you is, that if you take a trip with me, your vacation will not become just better, but the best you could have imagined and you will feel like...an original Greek! 

Just sit in my car, close your eyes for a while, relax and leave the driving to me! 

Sincerely Yours &  I am looking forward to meeting you in Athens soon!



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